2017 (1st half)

Posted: June 29, 2017 in Directing

It’s been a while and thought it might be a good time to post something.

So since the last time I posted, back in 2014 quite a few things have happened.

My sister finally had a girl. Her name is Kira and is absolutely the cutest!! I directed a feature film called Mamaboy, which had a Hollywood red carpet premier, is currently on iTunes and several other VOD platforms. I recently helped shoot a feature called APParition, which was shot at the creepy Preston Castle in Ione. And I’ve been hired to direct another feature entitled Notorious Nick about a 1 armed MMA fighter who won a title fight. We’re currently in pre-production for this and we’re slated to go into production in October.

Tomorrow I get my camera back from RED, which has been upgraded from 6K to 8K.

I have a couple of small shorts that I’ll be shooting in the next couple of months so I’m really excited to see what this new sensor can do.

Hopefully I can post updates about Notorious Nick as we get closer. Maybe casting announcements. We’ll see.

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