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A short film I was called upon to shoot. It was shot over 2 weekends. Worked with an amazing crew who got it done every day.

Film or trailer to come.

Scraps – Screen Shots


Executive Producer – Melody (Buzz) Claussen-Furry, Rich Furry
Producer – Melody (Buzz) Claussen-Furry
Writer – Melody (Buzz) Claussen-Furry
Director – Imani C. Davis

Maggie – Meghan Case
Nadine – Marina Emily
Rhonda – Kirsten York Saetes
Old Nick – Justin Grimes
Mr. Klein – Rich Fury
Sister Ann Marie – Valerie Claussen
Sister Mary Elizabeth – Mary Akens
Sister Mary Catherine – Angelica Walsh
john – Paul Jerome

1st Asst Director – Bob Mills
2nd Asst Director – Marcus Meisler
Script Supervisor – Jeremy Trifero
Make-Up – Valerie Arigin Steward Williams, Krystal Fine and Angelica Walsh
Hair – Valerie Arigin Steward Williams, Krystal Fine and Angelica Walsh

Director of Photography – Aaron Leong
Camera Operator – Aaron Leong
1st Asst Camera – Lindsay Mallory
2nd Asst Camera – Michael O’Rourke
Gaffer – Ian Webb
Best Boy Electric – Samuel Grice
Electric – Kevin Molohan
– Sam Platz
– David Schmidt
– Julian Ramirez
– Michael Nugent
– Lena White
Key Grip – Jeremy Kashatok
Grip – Christopher Eaton
– Gina Lobosco
– Jessica Dana
– Rachel Voter
– Max Loera
– Candice Nite

Production Audio – Mark Duer
Boom Operator – Steve O’Brien
2nd Boom Operator – Diego Flores
Clapper – Linda Saeturn

Editing – Shawna Smith
ADR – Aaron Leong
Audio Post – Ian Webb
Color Correction – Aaron Leong

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