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Everyone deserves a mulligan now and then. Well, I’ve taken a mulligan on the last project. It came out well, but plans are in motion to redo everything we just did. Pre-production is a big factor to me and in order to really plan out a project, any project for that matter, you need slightly longer than just 4 weeks. If not a few months. Sure some films are made given just 2 days or 10 days as in film festivals and film shootouts, but are they going to be the best? The best they could possibly be? Probably not.

Time is needed for a baby to grow into a full fledged adult and sometimes it never happens. But the baby must be nurtured. It must be fed the right amount of nutrients. It must rest now and then to recharge its energy. It must attend school to learn how to become a proper citizen. In school it must be taught subjects correctly . . .

Films are no different. The cast, the department heads, the crew, the funders . . . must all play a part in nurturing the project from nothing into a viable piece of art that we get to enjoy forever. And this takes time.

The time I’ve allotted myself is 1 year. 1 year from now I will reboot production on The Sky Divides Us. In the mean time, I will be working with Ke, the writer, to refine and mold the script. I will be working with the cast in order to refine and mold their characters and their relationships to each other. I will be recruiting an art director, to make sure our vision doesn’t skew. I will be working with my DP more closely on the shot list. Etc, etc, etc . . . stay tuned!! . . .

Welcome to my blog!  I will be updating past, present and future projects here for both 4th Wall Productions, my media production company, and Zeitgeist ArtWorks,  a narrative production company I co-founded.

I will also be posting projects to this site, as well as crew calls.

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