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This is the first entry in the blog for this project. I have to be completely honest, this project is making me very anxious. We’re still in the early stages of pre-production and nothing is in place yet, which is what I think is causing me some anxiety. Once we get our locations locked down, talent in place, and permits in order, I would feel much better about this project. Fundraising is also making me extremely nervous. I’m going to need at least $5,000 to pay for some of the necessities. Food for the cast and crew during production, permits, locations, insurance, and possible aerial shots. I do have my Art Director in place, which makes me very happy.
I did, however, get an “OK” from Ford to use their brand in the film. LoJack, an auto-theft tracking company, is reviewing the material for clearance. The California Highway Patrol is also reviewing my material, AND Officer Max is interested in helping out, which also makes me very happy. He has a lot of authentic police gear for productions and he’s also interested in one of the cop roles.
Casting for the lead role, April Clark, is scheduled for Feb 11.


I’m not as anxious as before. Things are starting to fall in place. Phone calls are being made, script has been lined out and is currently being broken down. Film permits are looking good for the county we want to film in. I have to go check out the locations myself sometime next week. I REALLY want to be able to film a quick scene in LA, so hopefully I can work something out with the film commissioner down there, but from what I’ve been hearing it’s pretty difficult and the permits cost quite a bit. Well, still crossing my fingers.
I also checked in with some helicopter rentals and it looks like we’ll be able to fit in some aerial photography into the film. That’s exciting!
Also, Super 6 Pictures has been amazing in helping get this project together so far… Can’t wait to be done with pre-production!!
Logline & Synopsis
Cast & Crew Bios
Behind-The-Scenes Stills (Road)
Behind-The-Scenes Stills (Diner)
Behind-The-Scenes Stills (Woodland Opera House)

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