In a world of imperfection, a set of clones come to the realization that no matter what they do to become perfect, immortality is unattainable.

Rondo is an existentialist piece I shot for my adv cinematography final. The entire aesthetic must be done in camera with zero color correction. Having said that, there is a color corrected version, but this is not it. There were only a couple of shots that needed it and it was only because I adjusted some camera settings to give us the rich black color after the first couple of shots were in the “can.”


written by – VADANAK KE
directed by – IAN WEBB
1st asst director – JJ LABRITAKIS
cinematography – AARON LEONG
1st asst camera / gaffer – SHAWNA SMITH
production audio – DeVAUGHN KEYS
clapper – AMANDA YANEZ
set photography – JUSTIN HASTINGS

rondo 5 – JOSEF PLATZ
rondo 6 – SAMUEL PLATZ

Special Thanks:
JJ LABRITAKIS for location
VADANAK KE for pumping out a script on such short notice.

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